Started at Radio Nightingale

David Hoffman David Hoffman

One of the founder members of Radio Nightingale.  David has gone on to work for Planet Rock, Radio Broadland (Norfolk) and many more stations.



Rob StatonRob Staton

Volunteered at Radio Nightingale whilst at Thomas Rotherham College.   Rob now works for BBC Radio Sheffield.




Chris RoseChris Rose

Volunteered at Radio Nightingale in the early 1990’s.  Chris worked on Childrens TV for the BBC for almost 10 years before moving to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as Commissiong Editor Animation.



Kelly BeightonKelly Beighton

After an extended work experience placement with Radio Nightingale in 1999, Kelly went on to complete a degree in Journalism at University of Lincoln and currently works as Senior Producer for Bradley Media.




Adam WalkerAdam Walker

After a successful career in banking, Adam returned to media as Business Development Manager for the book wholesaler and distributor Reedmoor Distribution.  Adam completed a work experience placement with Radio Nightingale in 2000 and remains a valued supporter of the station.


Andrew ClaypoleAndrew Claypole

Volunteered at Radio Nightingale in 2008 to complete a work experience placement as part of his University Degree.  Now Creative Director of Reach Studios Ltd.

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